Fragrance Review: Dior Fahrenheit

Apart from teaching me how to spell it, the design house of Christian Dior has taught me how to appreciate a fragrance and spot the unique, distinctive scents which will forever be known as classics. Fahrenheit is no exception, and it has stood the test of time since being launched in 1988.

I have around 20-25 bottles of cologne in my collection and I recently had to dispel of around 8 or 9 which had been sitting around for a few years – they had lost that magic touch and were nothing more than powerful splashes with no scent. Before I continue my review, just a few tips – store your colognes in a cool, dark, dry place and definitely not in direct sunlight (for example, bathrooms); this will cause a chemical reaction that kills the molecules in your fragrance, effectively speeding up the process of expiry.

I get asked a lot about expiry dates on perfumes and how long they last – if you follow the above, fragrances usually last anywhere between 2-3 years for a lower-band fragrance, and designer perfumes can last up to 6 or 7 years. When applying, don’t rub your wrists together either, as this also kills the molecules and blends the top and middle notes together, which could create a different smell entirely.

Back to the review…

Fahrenheit is a unique, woody, green fragrance with hints of floral notes. It reminds me of walking through a dark green forest and instead of raining droplets, it is raining petroleum. Yes, you heard – petroleum. But this is just one of the top notes that works very well with the floral and woody notes. Upon applying it is very fresh and hits you hard, and the drydown is amazing.

Longevity is around 8 hours, and projection I would describe as powerful. Do not over apply on this stuff – a squirt on the neck and on each wrist is ample. If you haven’t used the fragrance for some time, do an initial first squirt on your chest as this is often a ‘dud’ squirt. In addition if your skin is moist the fragrance tends to last longer, as apposed to non-oily skin. Similarly an EDT lasts longer than an aftershave – do not squirt this on the face, as it is intended for your pulse points.

The fragrance is unlike anything I have smelt, and is in some ways similar to a garage mechanic smell although more floral, woody, mossy and green. You won’t find anything like this on the market which is why it has been a consistent top 5 bestseller since 1988. Try it, you will either love it or hate it, but the majority love it.

Prices start at £40 for a 50ml or £55 for 100ml – I would opt for the larger bottle. You can also buy aftershave sprays and lotion but these aren’t as long lasting. Happy buying!


– Longevity 10/10

– Projection 9.8 / 10

– Uniqueness 10/10

– Acceptability 9.9 / 10

– Popularity 10/10


– Casual wear, evening, daytime, summer, autumn

– Age range 20+

– 3 sprays maximum!


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