BREAKING NEWS: World to end today

I can guarantee that just by my blog post’s title, I will score around a thousand hits a minute. Today has been one of the most amusing, and I thank the American bible group for making my weekend more memorable. I’m amazed at the number of people who were panicking, paranoid and obsessed with the wise old words of the very same man who predicted the world would end in the 1990s. I’m sorry to say his mathematics is a bit crappy.

People have been warning the world would end for many years, from giant rocks and meteoroids to tidal waves and Jesus. The truth is simple: the world will end when man destroys it, which is unlikely to be within your lifetime. The big bang created the earth, man will end it, but it’s nice to think somebody is up there with their SIA badge admitting people to the wonderful world of 99 virgins and free vodkas.

Let’s put it into perspective: why would Jesus come all this way to a war-torn earth just to find the good Christians for his so-called Rapture? There are very few good people left on earth, and those who are decent and honest will probably want to avoid a ride on the Ark for another few years so they can live their lives.

I had a drink with him today, smashing bloke who agreed that the price of living was so much higher than in Heaven. I don’t know who in their right mind would listen to that American, but it shows how powerful the spoken word is and people’s different beliefs. Does this mean that all the good people are gone and I’m living amongst the not-so-good, because I can tell you I haven’t really noticed anything different.

Are we idiots for listening to one man. Right, I’m telling you now that you are all going to win the lottery tomorrow – I can guarantee somebody is already planning their wish list of things to buy!

We can be gullible, but this highlights that we should all just get along, enjoy life, and wait for those virgins and free vodkas.


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