Men’s Fragrances Review 2011

So, I thought I would breakaway from the usual political, current affairs news and opinion with a review of my men’s fragrance collection. I will rate the top favourite fragrances I own and release my feminine side in this blog! Is it feminine to know too much about cologne?!

1. 1 Million by Paco Rabbann

By far my favourite cologne with its sweet tones. However I would recommend this for evening wear or special occasions, as the sweetness may come across too strong or too ‘cocky’ – see the advertisement, you’ll know what I mean. It has great longevity, around 10-12 hours, and you can still smell this of a morning. Again, like I said, I can’t see this being splashed on daily and isn’t really a signature smell. Oh, if you’re going to buy it, I would recommend the EDT – the aftershave splash lasts around 5 hours less than the EDT version.

2. D’Issey by Issey Miyake

My favourite all-round, seasonal, signature cologne with great base layers. You get a citrus blast when you squirt it on your skin, but the spicy undertones soon kick in to make it a pleasant smell. You can’t really smell it at a distance for the first couple of hours, but then it sinks into your skin and the projection is awesome – you can still smell it on your clothes the next morning. It has a fresh, spicy yet fruity smell, and apparently it is one of the biggest compliment-getters. I got a 200ml bottle for just over £60, which is good value for money. A must buy for all men!

3. Joop! Homme by Joop!

A powerhouse of a fragrance, and one of my classics. However it’s not the sort of cologne you can wear every day, as after a while the EDT becomes quite sickly sweet – just imagine you’ve been dunked in sickly sweet honey and bottled. It’s perhaps even stronger than 1 Million, and therefore probably best for those young and single guys hitting the clubs. Projection is around 10-14 hours, and most women love the smell. You can smell this bad boy a mile away, and two sprays is ample. But like I said, it is a little too sweet and would be described as a feminine fragrance.

4. CK one by Calvin Klein

When I purchased this I thought it would be great, coming from a designer house. The smell is amazing, very modern and fresh, but longevity is poor – after 4 hours you’ll be reaching for your EDT spray bottle. Very good for short evenings out, but nothing for the long run.

5. Pour Homme by Dolce and Gabbana

One of the nicest colognes on the market, very trendy and sophisticated. I can imagine a mature person wearing this, and those over 20 are probably going to appreciate the base layers more. It can, for the first two hours, smell like an expensive car freshener or cleaning product, but when it sinks into your skin things change. Not my top favourite, but certainly up there for projection and longevity.

6. Fahrenheit by Christian Doir

Well-known as the world’s best male fragrance, but I beg to differ. People rave over this like no other scent, but to me it smells like an oil-changing factory mixed with the wilderness or forests, a kind of mossy smell combined with petroleum. It is very masculine, there aren’t any floral base tones with this one, and definitely not a unisex fragrance. It is somewhat musky too, and puts the image of a ‘bad boy’ across in its smell. Not my cup of tea – if I wanted to smell like a car garage I can save my money!

7. Original by Aramis

One word – lethal! I purchased the 200ml bottle for £30 – good deal, huh? This stuff is lethal, apply with caution. It is a masculine, old man style of aftershave and not my cup of tea.

Others in my collection are from the design houses of DKNY, FCUK, Diesel, Armani and Hugo Boss – but I don’t rate them as highly as those above. My all-time winner would be D’Issey by Issey Miyake – you can’t go wrong with this all-season scent which has the most base layers of any fragrance I have tried or sampled. Be sure to check that one out guys – and girls! I once read it described as the mature sister of Joop! Homme – ‘sex in a bottle’ as one reviewer stated.

You decide.


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