Yet another Eurovision defeat

Okay, we didn’t get ‘nil poi’ and eleventh place is a commendable effort by Blue. On the other hand, everyone saw this coming, and as much as we’d like to vision the United Kingdom flying the flag at the back of our minds there was always doubt. And there will forever be doubt for as long as the competition is politically motivated rather than focusing on the quality of music.

I could solve the Eurovision problem in a couple of sentences; stop entering, or don’t until you have sorted out the Euro-politico mess we’re in. The reality is, apart from France and Ireland, most of Europe hates us and thinks we interfere too much. On the other hand, most of these countries are part of the Nato mission in Afghanistan, so I think those simple-minded individuals should start voting more ethically.

Sure, we may have helped start several wars that peed you off, but it is amazing how a talent competition can be used as the basis for bigging up your ego and thinking all Britons will be crying in their beds due to the result. What’s more embarrassing is that Ireland failed to give us an 8, 10 or 12 pointer, where the UK awarded Jedward the full 12. Thanks for the support!

But this highlights my point that Eurovision is now an excuse to try and beat your opponents or those you don’t particularly like through voting. Some people will be thinking ‘we’re not going to bail out Ireland’ or that ‘we’re not going to help France in Libya ever again’ but this shouldn’t be the case; it is a talent show, not a political podium for discourse.

I’m going to be very abrupt now; Blue were relatively good on the night and showed their impressive vocal range, albeit a public relations activity to get them back into the spotlight. They did our country justice following the embarrassment of Scooch and last year’s act (so memorable I’ve forgotten their names). But this voting won’t change my perceptions.

Perhaps they are still angry at the UK not joining the EU or don’t like how we start wars every now and then. Maybe we should just pull the plug on Eurovision; it does no favours for our country nor does it really change anyone’s lives. Let’s leave the rubbish singing, terrible performances and embarrassing jokes to Britain’s Got Talent. Something the rest of Europe fail to attain.


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