Bring back national service? You’re kidding!

The Daily (Diana) Express always makes me laugh, usually when printing another ludicrous conspiracy theory about the disappearance of Madeline McCann or how we can put ourselves through the misery of tearing out the ‘Get 20p off tomorrow’s newspaper’ token with the slightly humorous slant of purchasing the paper twice in a row. It’s not a bad newspaper and is the better of the middle-market newspapers, although nobody can compete with that of The Daily Mail who think all black or foreign people are criminals, saucepans can prevent cancer, we are living amongst aliens, vibrators can cause pregnancies or being ‘Pro-British’ means deporting every foreign person from the UK.

But what amused me with a preview of tomorrow’s front pages is the Daily Express’s headline “Bring back National Service” in an attempt to curb yobs and the criminal youth. Now, if we’re talking about volunteering on government projects or initiatives, then I’m all for Burberry-wearing teenagers with tracksuit bottoms by their bums helping an elderly lady do her shopping or spending time in libraries; I’m equally pleased for them to pick up litter, fundraise and take part in extra-curricular college courses to enhance their education.

What I’m not convinced is that at a time of fierce fighting in Afghanistan, where the death of Bin Laden has prompted a major shift in the speed at which we can withdraw troops, we need the unemployed to be handed a rifle and sent to a war zone. Sure, they will undergo training, but will our experienced and dedicated armed forces welcome chavs, dole-dossers and criminals on the frontlines?

I’m assuming the newspaper is referring to government-run national service, and not active military conscription. It would surely go against the ethos of the armed forces with regards to criminal checks and upholding this if national service was to be re-instated. Plus, we are living in a world where such an option would not even be contemplated due to the fact that youth criminality has spiralled out of control…

On a budget, can they MOD really afford to train, equip and send overseas millions of young people who would defend our country?


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The site’s author is a student at the Birmingham School of Media and a journalist for both Birmingham Budget Cuts and Sony Music Entertainment. He is a PR consultant as well as having worked for the BBC. The author also contributes on a freelance basis to The Times and The Guardian. Dean Hill is a member of The Chartered Institute of Public Relations.

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