Are we right to hate N-Dubz?

N-Dubz apparently want to set an example to young people through their music, that particular style of pretending to talk but more quickly to an audience who either have good taste in music and like this particular style, or so-called ‘chavs’ who think it’s cool and trendy. I unearthed video footage of the young MC advocating violence and homophobia in a twisted song. The title of the track roughly translates as “police to get shot” and the lyrics are very sinister.

I’ve heard of this band being homophobic in the past, and they really can’t be described as role models for young children even – particularly since, in my opinion, young people are being brainwashed into listening to this sort of music and, more worrying, find jeans below the bum and a silly name quite appealing.

I don’t dislike the band, but certainly we should question their role model status even more than their so-called ‘good music’

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