Thoughts of the Day

Barack Obama says it would spark hatred around the world and create a shrine if pictures of Osama Bin Laden were released… so killing him and throwing his body overboard is the way you run things in America to prevent hatred against you? Tactical, clever but not enough to stop the conspiracy theorists from getting all excited.

Why are they still going on about Pippa Middleton? Okay, she’s apparently got a lovely bottom and there are Facebook appreciation pages for her rear, but it amazes me that this makes the headlines rather than world poverty or global warming.

Another interesting spread in the news… Prince William returns to work. Good job we know what’s top priority news is.

And the polls opened today to vote on a change to the way we elect MPs. As long as they don’t spend our money for porn or duck houses and have the guts to admit smoking cannabis at university and having a posh boy’s suit in your wardrobe, that’s all I need to give them a tick.


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The site’s author is a student at the Birmingham School of Media and a journalist for both Birmingham Budget Cuts and Sony Music Entertainment. He is a PR consultant as well as having worked for the BBC. The author also contributes on a freelance basis to The Times and The Guardian. Dean Hill is a member of The Chartered Institute of Public Relations.

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