The wedding: is yours’ half full or half empty?

With only a few hours to go until the royal wedding – you know, that thing broadcast on TV and printed in the newspapers every day, with huge pullouts and flags and free tea-towels – it is somewhat surprising that we have not fully embraced this historical event to full capacity. I’ve seen a couple of flags hanging from windows, the odd British flag fixed to a car’s antenna, people on buses reading the Wills and Kate newspaper pullout, albeit pretending not to be interested. Are we just hard-working, busy bodies who realise there are more important things to be doing on a free day off, such as gardening or washing the car or taking the dog for a walk? I think not.

But what I do think is that the minority – those who hate the royal wedding, cannot abide any further media talk, openly proud of boycotting the royal wedding – are simply unBritish party-poopers who like to moan and disapprove to make their lives and difficult circumstances seem relevant. Sure, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea and it won’t change our lives, but it would be nice to see a few more people embracing the good things our country has to offer, and for once actually enjoy a shift from economic recession to something positive.

However, I can see why people are annoyed; the media really have pushed it down our throats, and it would have been more dignified to simply broadcast during a run-up to the event, with emphasis on the wedding, rather than how many weetabix William has eaten six days prior or the knickers Kate will be wearing (courtesy of The Sun!). That should be left for William’s eyes and imagination, but many young boys will hang such an article in their bedroom branding it ‘patriotic’ (or testosterone-fueled tabloid pervertedness).

On Saturday we have several documentaries about W&K, and then don’t forget to tune in to the running commentaries and news reports over the weekend. On Monday the news shall be broadcasting their intimate encounter in the wedding suite and how disgraceful it is for William to bed a ‘commoner’ (such a tacky word, and if she has a lot in common with William then surely that word can not even be put into context), and throughout the week expect news on how Wills was so out of his tree that he ended up in his own vomit. Of course, that would never happen.

But, I, will at least be making the effort to remain patriotic especially with all the bad news lately. It will make a welcome change, and I may pop a cork or two in the process (not that I wish to jump on the bandwagon). So, Britain, raise a glass even if yours’ is half empty! The happy couple (to be) are fantastic role models for the country, and it marks an important step in our country’s history.


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The site’s author is a student at the Birmingham School of Media and a journalist for both Birmingham Budget Cuts and Sony Music Entertainment. He is a PR consultant as well as having worked for the BBC. The author also contributes on a freelance basis to The Times and The Guardian. Dean Hill is a member of The Chartered Institute of Public Relations.

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