The Royal Wedding… let’s at least make an effort

For the past couple of years we’ve had depression after depression, budget cut after budget cut, doom and gloom. And yet, when we are given a glimmer of sunshine (the past week has broken all records, since ‘records began’) combined with the prospect of a royal wedding, us Brits still manage to find reasons to moan. When Princess Diana married Prince Charles all those years ago, we were, it seems, a much more patriotic society who weren’t afraid of a street party or two, chosen out of genuine gratification rather than an excuse to get completely drunk (it’s worrying that some may be too hammered to remember the procession and balcony wave the next morning!).

Nowadays, bureaucracy and red tape get in the way of planning a street party and for many obtaining permission is simply too much like hard work. In addition, the financial climate signifies a need to work as many hours as possible to generate as much cash to put food on the table. There’s also a growing trend of social networking turning young people into mobile drones, preferring to stay indoors (although, with the good spell of weather, they may actually venture outdoors with their mobile phones in hand, to tweet and Facebook and ‘lol’ at random people’s comments).

Sure, we’re living in hard times, but a smile and a sense of pride costs nothing. It is also pretty cheap to turn on the television set and sit your backside on the sofa for a couple of hours (or, if you’re feeling particularly British, the whole four hours).

My point is this: we are turning into an unpatriotic country, much like the Alternative Vote is as unBritish as they come. We – or should I say some, the minority – cannot be bothered to get involved in what will be a milestone event in British history. Kate Middleton will, one day, be Queen of England, even if you live not to witness it. We will be seeing a lot more of Kate M, so maybe we should get used to this patriotic stuff.

However, I will excuse you if you’re washing your hair (but only if drying it, too), a supporter of the BNP, ignorant, fascist, unBritish (a supporter of the AV, too?), or have not paid your license fee. Still, there’s always next door… go find a street party near you!


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The site’s author is a student at the Birmingham School of Media and a journalist for both Birmingham Budget Cuts and Sony Music Entertainment. He is a PR consultant as well as having worked for the BBC. The author also contributes on a freelance basis to The Times and The Guardian. Dean Hill is a member of The Chartered Institute of Public Relations.

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