Official data: 13 school building projects scrapped in Birmingham

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Raw data obtained from The Guardian indicates that at least 13 school building projects have been scrapped in Birmingham alone. Tasked with uncovering the facts surrounding the issue of the Building Schools for the Future (BSF) programme being scrapped in parts of the country in 2010, I compiled the following statistics for schools and colleges in the region:

1. Stopped

  • 50% of regional schools BFS funding stopped (52 total)

2. Unaffected

  • 50% of regional schools BFS funding unaffected (52 total)

3. Unaffected in Birmingham

  • Every unaffected BSF project in Birmingham under Labour constituency (8 in total)
  • Only 8 of 28 BSF projects in Birmingham officially confirmed as unaffected

4. Scrapped in Birmingham

  • 13 BSF-funded projects scrapped in Birmingham (12 Labour, 1 Liberal)

5. Academies in Discussion

  • 12 regional academies BSF funding in discussion

6. Record for Unaffected Status!

  • Every BSF-funded school in Wolverhampton unaffected

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of BSF Projects Stopped in Birmingham and the Midlands

(in association with

As the visual highlights, the majority of projects were stopped by Labour constituencies. According to the data, of the 112 constituencies in the West Midlands and Birmingham 85 were Labour, 25 Conservative and 2 Liberal Democrat.

School building projects stopped

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  1. There’s a key point of context lacking: how many constituencies in the west midlands are Labour, and how many Conservative or Lib Dem? If 70% of consituencies are Labour then 70% of cancelled programs being in Labour constituencies isn’t surprising, for instance. More specifically: if 70% of all the programs were in Labour constituencies, and 70% of those closed were in Labour constituencies, then again, it’s not surprising.

  2. Nice work by the way! Some more visualisation would help communicate the figures better.

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