Labour’s Tom Watson – does he have your support?

Here is an email I received from Tom Watson explaining the enormous cost of reorganising the health service:

Dear Dean,

The Government is planning to reorganise the way health services for local people are bought.

It is asking our GPs to be in charge of buying these services instead of a local administrative body called the Primary Care Trust.

This reorganisation – called GP commissioning – is going to cost £3 billion.

£3 billion is a lot of money – especially when the NHS is being asked to tighten its belt and cut £20 billion from its budget.

I’m not clear why this change is needed and it can’t be a good sign that three quarters of GPs oppose these plans.

I would rather that that £3 billion was spent on keeping doctors and nurses in their jobs. These changes to the NHS are currently being debated in Parliament. I will be opposing them.

Please let me know if I have your support by filling in my online survey here.

Tom Watson

Member of Parliament for West Bromwich East


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