Let’s stop and reflect for a moment…

Okay, so it’s about time I wrote on my blog. From reading the news media it seems the next couple of weeks are set to be very busy for protesters. There are not only protests and marches scheduled for London but a series of locally organised meetings against the government cutbacks. Now, being completely impartial, somebody in my position would notice – without any prior knowledge of the political alignments of newspapers – that newspapers support a particular political party. The Mirror, who are promoting the campaign against cutbacks with a weekly section on ‘how the cuts are affecting you’ and ‘let’s all march against the cuts’ have always been Labour supporters – even throughout the times when everyone else, or indeed several newspapers, supported the Conservative Party.

I do not praise the cutbacks and I predict I am going to be hit hard in the next few years – but everyone needs to sit back and think… who caused this economic situation, the banking system and the collapse of the international community, or the previous government? What have Labour done in their time in government which should be upheld, sustained, appraised, given credit for? But, most importantly, what will the future of Britain be when our deficit is reduced and our economy stabalished? Further down the line Britain could be a strong market competitor in our world economics, an increase in jobs, the fact that our coalition government made the cuts – painful ones at that – but the end result was success.

Should we endure the pain and look towards the future, or are the government completely mishandling the entire cuts situation – too quick, too much, hitting the poorest and not the rich? This is a very intense debate which needs clear focus on the long term, the context of the previous government and a more global perspective on the collapse of the banking system…


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The site’s author is a student at the Birmingham School of Media and a journalist for both Birmingham Budget Cuts and Sony Music Entertainment. He is a PR consultant as well as having worked for the BBC. The author also contributes on a freelance basis to The Times and The Guardian. Dean Hill is a member of The Chartered Institute of Public Relations.

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