Interesting article on toilets

Public toilets go down the pan
By Rose George

They’re not conveniences, they’re necessaries, so why are we not protesting as UK councils close all the loos?

The French like a good strike. But the strikes of 1895 were unusual even for them, because it was the Dames-Pipi, tenders of the city’s public toilets, who were furious at the removal of the oil stoves they used for warmth. They won. These days they wouldn’t need to strike, because they would have nowhere to put the stove in the first place.

Our attention has been drawn to forests and books, but it is the transformation of the public toilet from convenience into inconvenience that alarms me. Even before the cuts, 50% of the nation’s public toilets had closed in the last decade.

Now Edinburgh is planning to close 15 of its 31 toilets, and Manchester city council has announced plans to close all but one of its public conveniences. That ratio – one public facility for half a million people – is worse than I’ve seen in most Indian slums.


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