Copper cuts and recruitment

The number of police officers in West Midlands forces starts to fall as cuts take hold

So, frontline policing is set to decrease amindst the wave of cuts to public services proposed by the government. The big question on everybody’s lips is how this will affect our safety within the community, and also the underlying question for a lot of college graduates and school leavers following the dream to enter the police force – when will you be recruiting?

I was fortunate to hear from Catherine Griffin who provided a hint on the situation of policing in the West Midlands:

The police are not recruiting special constables, police officers or PCSOs – and they may not for another 3 or 4 years. You may have your application ‘put on hold’ if you have previously applied, but I can’t say for certain.

So, further recruitment looks unlikely. Questions raised from recruiting reduction are whether this will cause more harm than good, or whether the police have carefully planned the above actions to ensure frontline services continue to be effective.

The latest West Midlands Police headcount for December revealed there were 8,541 officers. This number is expected to fall again when 273 officers who have all reached 30 years of pensionable service are forced to retire by the end of March.


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